We focus all of our efforts on serving the needs of your patients. Education, follow up, and 24 hour support are just a few of the ways that we guarantee total customer satisfaction. As always, First Choice Homecare, Inc. will deliver and set-up all equipment in the patients own home at a time convenient for them.


    The pride of First Choice Homecare, Inc. is our ventilator program.  We are one of few companies that specialize in pediatric and adult ventilation.  Ranging from premature newborns to the elderly, we will provide all equipment and education needed to provide the best quality of life.  From the initial steps in beginning to make the transition home, First Choice Homecare, Inc. will be there to help coordinate planning with the physicians, nurses, and caregivers.

    Our Respiratory Therapists provide quality education and management of the following homecare ventilators: Pulmonetics LTV950-1150, Respironics Trilogy Series, Newport HT-50, Puritan Bennett 540, and the GE I-Vent.  Our customer service and clinical staff will work closely with caregivers to facilitate a smooth transition for the patient from any healthcare facility.

    Along with the ventilator, First Choice Homecare, Inc. provides all ancillary equipment to keep the patient as comfortable and healthy as possible. This includes: Suction Machine, IPV, Cough Assist, and special order items requested by the physician.


    First Choice Homecare, Inc. provides several different types of Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) machines to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Complex Sleep Apnea.  CPAP, AUTO CPAP, AUTO Bipap, Bipap, and Bipap ST are just a few of the different PAP therapy machines offered through our company.  Once it is determined that PAP therapy is needed, your physician will send a prescription to our company to set you up on your machine.  One of our highly qualified Respiratory Therapists or Clinical Assistants will instruct on the machine and usage and fit you with a mask most comfortable to you. 

    Tubing, filters, chin straps, water chambers, and any additional accessories are also provided during set up and can be re-ordered according to insurance guidelines. 


    First Choice Homecare, Inc. offers oxygen therapy in both stationary and portable units. Carrying bags and carts for portable units give patients the opportunity to move about more freely, both inside and outside of the home.

    Prescribed by your physician, Apnea Monitors provide peace of mind for caregivers looking after newborns who require respiratory monitoring. We utilize the AMI Plus and SmartMonitor 2 monitors. Belts and sticky probes are both available to accommodate the patients comfort as much as possible.

    First Choice Homecare, Inc. offers both adult and child friendly nebulizer machines. Set ups are available both in our office and at your home the same day the doctor prescribes therapy. All mouth pieces, adult and pediatric face masks, and pacifier masks for infants are available.

    First Choice Homecare, Inc. provides a wide range of nutritional equipment and related supplies. We currently feature the Kangaroo Joey and the Moog Infinity Pump. We offer all related supplies for these pumps including bags, extensions, back up buttons, syringes and much more. We offer a wide range of enteral (formula) nutrition and in most cases have a one day turn around on special order products.

    First Choice Homecare, Inc. provides a wide range of durable medical equipment to our patients on respiratory therapy. Most items are special order to meet the needs of the specific patient. FCHC has the capability to provide wheelchairs, bath chairs, canes, crutches, transfer boards, standers, hospital beds, hoyer lifts, adult and pediatric walkers, as well as special order items prescribed by a doctor.
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